Co-op Housing Agency Information System

Welcome to the Co-op Housing Agency Information System (CHAIS)

If you are the Agencyís contact for your organization, you can use this site to

  • read personalized reports from the Agency about your co-op
  • find your legal agreements with CMHC
  • file, review or certify an annual information return
  • file a monitoring report or annual budget
  • file a rent supplement claim
  • use the Agencyís rental-assistance calculator to set assisted charges according to Rental Assistance Program rules

Please log in. The password field is case sensitive!

Note to housing co-ops:
Each co-opís designated Agency contact person holds their co-opís unique username and password, which can be shared as widely as the Board wishes.

Please leave a message at if your co-opís username or password is lost or needs to be replaced.

If you have any difficulties with our site, please contact Sergei Pershukevich for assistance at, or by telephone at (613) 234-4557 or toll-free at (866) 660-3140, extension 613.